Photographic Artist

I am a self-taught photographer and digital artist.

The best thing about being self-taught is there are no rules. I learn through experimenting and discovering what works. It has made me rather bold, a little fearless and taught me resilience - things don’t always work as well I expect them to.

As an artist, my eye is drawn to the slightly hidden and obscure. I enjoy the intimacy of getting close to my subjects. 

My process is to take a picture, create something new and then manipulate it to achieve a sophisticated abstract form. I apply these three steps to many of my photographs, then choose what works best with each individual image.

I would like my viewers to be as enchanted as I am by our mysterious and magical world.




I hope to inspire you with my art. 

Amuse and educate you with my blog. 

And encourage you to live your arty life 

authentically, intuitively and creatively.



JulieAnn (Jules) is an exciting new artist based in Kent. She was born in East Anglia to an English mother and Jamaican father. Her art reflects her mixed heritage - she is as comfortable working with the vibrant colours of the Caribbean as she is with the subtler hues of an English landscape. She feels most at home when outdoors amongst nature and with her camera never far from her side, she seeks to capture the constantly changing movement of light and shadow, the wind and the weather. The ephemeral nature of all things is what she seeks in all her work, be it the fleeting emotion on a face, to an impermanent raindrop clinging to a tulip leaf. In her abstract work, she pushes the boundaries of the true nature of what she perceives with her lens, often abstracting the subject to a simple shape or series of colours.



Art in an Emergency

“We’re so often told that art can’t really change anything. But I think it can. It shapes our ethical landscapes; it opens us to the interior lives of others. It is the training ground for possibility. It makes plain inequalities, and it offers other ways of living.”  

Olivia Laing Feb 2019



It seems to me that times are getting tougher. And in the recent past we’ve had to cope living in rapidly changing times; from BLM to lockdown, to climate disasters to desperate families drowning in our seas. It’s all too easy to want to shut down our feelings when the very opposite is what may help us feel more alive. 

And so here I am; fulfilling my dream of a new life. A life filled with possibilities. 

I invite you to share my journey and my creative content.




How I Discovered my 3 step Process

This was one of the first photographs where I felt the digital effect improved my original image. It emboldened me to take a new direction in my art. Pigeons many ways is a series of manipulated images from the slightly less ordinary to the abstract.