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A Large Dose of Colour

Tues - 22 Feb

I’ve always loved and been fascinated by colour. The strange names that roll of an artists tongue, raw umber, cadmium green, vermillion.

As a teenager in the 80’s, bold blocky pops of colour infused fashion, but in the decades that followed there was almost a backlash to this rather brash statement. Most recently, the trend has been calming Scandinavian ‘hugge‘ inspired interiors. Grey walls. Grey carpets. I myself have loved greys in my home.

I can’t part with my terracotta

I have terracotta in my kitchen/diner. I’ve had it over 20 years. In terms of home interior design I guess its been on trend and most definitely ‘off‘ trend. I couldn’t give a hoot. It works. For me.

The garden faces south and in the summer the sun streams in and lights up the room. With the terracotta blazing, you could almost believe you were in Southern Spain.

Display what YOU love

There is a saying that you should only buy art to please yourself. That is so true. You want to be able to come into a room and be greeted by familiar guests. Pictures that make you smile. Images that have some significance. The meaning you make from art is very personal and need not be explained.


Often it’s better to leave questions unanswered. One of my worst habits is to feel I need to explain things, even when I haven’t been asked to. I shall endeavour to leave things unsaid. It’s better to leave some things up to others imagination. Let them use their mind to work something out.

Art is not rocket science

Whether you like a piece of art is, and should be, subjective. Whether you paint your walls terracotta or grey is a purely personal choice. You can display pictures you love against any background.

Bright colour is the new black and white

I have, for some inexplicable reason, flipped from being obsessed with black and white photography to flaming colour. OK, I have some theories as to why but - guess what - I’m not going to explain them.

Have you changed your preferences?

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