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Ask yourself, what do I need right now?

20 - Dec 2021

Is it just me or are these long winter days dragging? Thank goodness for the winter solstice. It’s tomorrow I think.

This coming year, more than ever, I want to notice the world outside my window. The sunrise and sunset. The arrival of the seasons. The feel of the weather on my face. Simply put, I want to be outdoors more often.

Sounds like a New Year’s resolution. Well we’re not there yet!

Talking of the New Year…

I began a ritual 3 years ago, on return from an ‘Inner Peace Retreat’ that was the start of my journey to wellness. It took place in West Lexam in the middle of the Norfolk countryside. It was an incredible experience. A magical place of ley lines and lakes. In fact, I surprised my family with a stay in a treehouse the following boxing day. More on that later.

I made a collage whilst there, and found it a relaxing and revealing creative activity. So much so, that I made one at home on New Year’s day.

My collage hangs in my hallway as a daily reminder. It has extra special significance now that I’ve made the leap towards living life as a creative artist.

I have made one every year since and look forward to this year’s one. I don’t think too hard beforehand. I just gather the materials and off I go, guided by thoughts and imaginings. I let my intuition lead the way without worrying about where the picture is heading. It’s more about the process.

Perhaps you might like to give it a go. You don’t have to do a large collage. Start small if you like. A postcard size is good.

That’s given me an idea. I might try a collection of postcard-sized collages arranged within a larger space.

It feels like something ‘big’ is too much with the year we’ve had. Small comfortable steps may be the way.

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