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Can Rugby be Art?

If you had any doubt in your mind as to the answer to that question and you made it down to The Halpern Gallery in Nucleus Arts, 272 High Street Chatham to view the latest exhibition you would have seen an amazing array of different artworks by local artists. There was textile art and wood turning as well as traditional oil painting, some very abstract pieces and of course my photography, on paper and aluminium.

Local artists submitted work in celebration of Medway Rugby Club’s 90 year anniversary. From mixed media to jewellery the Scarlet and Gold club colours unified the room. The club chose one of the works for their clubhouse, a wonderful mixed media piece called, ‘All about the Ball’. Many pieces sold, including two of my photographs.

The subject presented a challenge to some artists whilst others, including myself, were up for anything - any new challenge presents an opportunity for learning and experimenting and also networking with viewers who may not be who you would usually create art for. In my case, I discovered how much I enjoy abstracting a photo to a theme, in this case I used striking the club colours to transform my pictures.

The title of this photograph is ‘Focus’. It captures John Sipawa’s intense focus as he headed out of the changing rooms towards the match against Camberley. It’s one of my favourites. His family love it also. Interestingly it was mistaken by a few as a painting. It is a manipulated photograph printed on watercolour textured paper and creates the effect of a painting.

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