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Charity Art Exhibition and Auction for Ukrainian Refugees

It’s been a busy few weeks.

I have ‘C’est Moi!’, my solo exhibition at The Space Gallery, Rochester, until the end of June. I exhibited in ‘Celebrating Medway Rugby Football Club’ at The Halpern Gallery in Chatham. That finished June 21st and I am delighted to have made some sales. I have a work, my aluminium Medway Pigeon work, titled ‘Flight’, in Rochester Cathedral up for auction June 24th in aid of Ukrainian refugees.

I am part of the team of local artists and their supporters who are at the cathedral throughout the week leading up to the auction. We are there introducing the public to the artwork (over 50 pieces donated by mostly local artists) and selling prints by Ukrainian artists who are jointly involved in the project. Many very talented Ukrainian artists sent electronic copies of their art as they were unable to send us the originals. There are over 30 A5 cards and some A4 posters for sale. The response from the public visiting the cathedral has been excellent.

I am very much looking forward to the auction where I expect we will do very well. We shall be meeting some of the artists in a live link on Friday during the auction. I am sure it will be an emotional evening. We shall be hearing news of current events in Ukraine. All wars are heartbreaking and we wish their to be a swift resolution of conflict and end to all suffering. The overwhelming message we want is that of hope. The setting seems fitting, religious or not, peace is a universal wish.

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