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Emotional balancing Act

Thur - 10 Feb 2022

You know when you are supposed to be resting and you just can’t seem to do it right. Is it just me or does everyone find it hard to feel relaxed?

Can’t relax?

I often feel myself striving to find a balance between full on ‘Tasmanian devil’ mode - remember that cartoon character? or the complete opposite, staring mindlessly at some inane TV programme.

Yesterday I managed a semblance of in between.

How did I do it?

I paid attention to my best instincts and was firmer with myself in terms of taking more time away from my phone. I found something good to watch on TV. I told myself I was having a rest day. I don’t need to be working at creating art 24/7. I went for a long walk in the afternoon with my hubbie.

I guess it’s called self-care

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