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Fancy a Boxing Day Dip?

26 - Dec 2021

We all know the health benefits of swimming in cold water right? All around the UK, in lakes and seas, people went for a swim in open water today. For many this is an annual tradition. For others it forms part of their regular routine.

These all-weather open water swimmers are a tough lot. It is a community where everyone is welcome. All ages and abilities share a common interest. Being in cold water is a challenge, whether you are a competitive triathlete or enjoy to breaststroke slowly in a bobble hat.

Although I have been open water swimming more this year than ever before, as soon as the water temperature dropped below 9 degrees, I chickened out. Having said that, standing on the water’s edge and watching everyone enjoying themselves did make me want to get in, despite the cold. So much so, that when I got home, I booked a New Year’s Day dip.


There was a rare sighting at the lakes today. A mermaid found herself washed up on the shore... She was fine. I think the water at this time of year is a little cold for mermaids.

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