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Feeling Creative?

21 - Dec 2021

Ever wake up and your mind is flooded with ideas? Yeah right! I hear you chuckle.

Ok maybe this time of year all you can think about (if you’ve any energy to think) is what the hell to buy so and so for Xmas or, god forbid, what to cook for Xmas! Hang on - are we even get to have Xmas this year (Boris) !

I’m rambling …

Inexplicably, I awoke this morning with my mind firing on all cylinders (yes, even I’m surprised) I think it’s because I’m on holiday.

I had to fight the urge to jump up and visit all the local arts shops for supplies. I have one project in mind and shall steer my way back to that.

I’m the meantime I played around with a self-portrait and a tune. Let me know if you like 👍🏼

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