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Fibromyalgia and Chiropractic

Fri - 25 Feb 2022

Did I skip Thursday’s post? I believe I did. This morning, it took all my determination to get myself up and out of the house for a chiropractic appointment that I have in London today. I believed I hadn’t the energy to go. I felt dreadful. I thought several times about cancelling. In truth, I wasn’t sure if I could walk to the station, navigate the underground and most of all, walk home from the station.

Fear holds you back

I know there are times when you can’t. I know when there’s times when you shouldn’t. But I’ve experienced many times when I’ve fought against my better judgement and not done what I’ve planned or needed to do. My mind was telling me to go to the appointment. My body was fighting me. My mind won.

Being outdoors was refreshing

I pulled on some old clothes. Not my bright cheer up colours but some black jeans, a grey top, a grey beanie, the grubby fleece I wear when out walking in the woods. I didn’t even think about make-up.

As I trudged down the hill to the train station, I enjoyed feeling the wind on my face. It was bitterly cold. Hail and snow were forecast in the afternoon. I noticed how my body felt and longed for some relief. Being outdoors felt good. It boosted my confidence about my decision to go.

No masks required

Another boost was today Covid restrictions had been lifted. Wearing a mask on the underground has not been easy for me. When I find my breathing a little laboured anyway, the added restriction of covering my nose and mouth doesn’t help. I was one of those people that found wearing a mask anxiety inducing. I followed the rules but my social activities were curtailed. I’d rather not go out. I have missed out on some things - but that is over now. The journey was better for me not having to wear one.

The treatment

It was the first time since my initial visit that I had a long list of complaints. This bit hurt, that bit was painful, headaches, tension, bad dreams, terrible anxiety. And yet as soon as I’d walked into the now familiar clinic, I felt calmer. My chiropractor understands. She listens and hears me.

I wasn’t expecting to feel much change

By the afternoon, the tension in my body had eased. The relaxation in my muscles crept up on me as it was so gradual. By the evening, I was feeling so much lighter and consequently more cheerful.

The sun is shining. All is good

I’ve had no miracle cure by the way. It’s not perfect. I still woke up with a mild headache this morning but that’s gone now. The main difference is my energy levels are way higher. I could get up at 7 and I felt wide awake. The last few mornings I’ve slept all night and then wanted to sleep all day. When your body feels better your mood improves. No surprises there. The sun is shining today and I’ve made plans. It’s a good feeling to make plans and know you feel like you will be able to do them. I’m not talking big plans. I’m talking simple everyday tasks.

Take care of yourself today

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