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Fibromyalgia and Me

Wed - 23 Feb

It’s a beautiful morning. The faint moon against against the translucent sky is a sight to behold. I love sitting up in bed and gazing at the day dawning through my window.

Feeling sorry for myself

This morning however, I feel poorly. For anyone new to my blogs, I have been filling them with my love of art and all things good but I want to keep things real. I have fibromyalgia and the past few days I have been feelingly increasingly bad. I know there’s not much I can do but sit it out, like you do a storm, but it is not easy.

How am I really?

How do I describe it. To begin with I am overwhelmingly tired. To the point where I feel I need to be sitting or lying down. Preparing food takes effort. Last night I needed to ask for help. My appetite is poor because I feel nauseous. I need to lose weight but I don’t recommend the fibromyalgia diet!

Fibromyalgia pain tends to move around my body. Sometimes my lower half is more affected with hip, knee and ankle pain. For now it it affecting the top half of me. Starting around my diaphragm and spreading up, across my pecs and down both arms. I am most comfortable propping my arms on cushions on my lap - sounds strange but you do what you need to make yourself comfortable.

If I talk about my neck I want to cry. It is so uncomfortable. I have to release my jaw frequently because I am clenching it and I know that will lead to further problems.

Sleep what sleep?

In fact I did sleep. But I awoke feeling like I’d been lying on a bed of rocks or that I’d been spun in a tumble dryer full of pebbles. Or that I’d been In a fight. I’m all beaten up and bruised. Not pleasant.

Get up. Get out.

So what am I going to do? Get up. Move around. Get some fresh air. I can’t go far. Thank goodness I have a car. I am meeting a friend later. In the past I would have cancelled everything. Now I know that if I can manage to go out it helps. It also helps not to be in the grip of a deep depression. I’m so grateful I am not suffering from that now.

I will have a good day. The beginning has not been great but that’s just a small part of the day.

May you have a good day today

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