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Hold On to Your Dreams

14 Feb 2022

It seems these days that in order to achieve, you have to have goals. Ambitions. Aspirations. None of those phrases sit well with me.

I’d rather have dreams

I can’t exactly explain why the word dreams is so important to me. Perhaps it’s the fear of failure. The opposite of to achieve is your fail is it not? If your dreams don’t

materialise then they disappear like clouds at dusk...

We never really fail do we?

The truth is whether we call what we want dreams, goals or aspirations we can only ever do our best. To get encouragement along the way is wonderful. To get commiserations and support when we are beaten down is a comfort.

Perhaps I’m more of a romantic than a realist. That’s ok with me. Either way you can work to achieve what you desire in life.

Which are you?

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