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How to Avoid Covid Cabin Fever

14 - Jan 2022

Self-isolation. If you’d read that word 3 years ago what image would it have brought up? The ‘Cooler King‘ perhaps, in the film, The Great Escape or a may be a scene from a horror film. The word has unpleasant connotations.

Now the self-isolation period has been cut to 5 days, does it make it any more tolerable?

Since the first and subsequent lockdowns, the prospect of being confined to your home may induce negative feelings. Isn’t it strange, that in a world where we are more connected than ever and at the touch of a screen we can access someone to talk to, the loss of physical freedom frightens us.

If you are told, ‘You know what - take 5 days off’. ‘Stay in bed all day of you like!’ ‘ Do what you like.’ ‘You don’t have to get dressed.’ ‘Get up and go to bed when you want.‘ ‘Binge watch Netflix.’ You’d be jumping for joy, yes?

Jobs in the garden

I began to feel a bit better yesterday, and to ward off developing 5 day cabin fever, I wrapped up and went outside into my winter garden - something I have avoided doing for weeks. There’s always something to do in the garden but I tend to leave it until winter is well and truly over before having a big spring clean.

I did a bit of weeding and tidying yesterday. Got down to ground level and got my hand in the soil. Enjoyed the sunlight on my skin. Smelled the earth. Listened to the birdsong.

My cyclamen looked spectacular in the sunlight so I took some pictures. Later on I played with them. This helped lift my spirits. Creativity with my camera is my go to ingredient in my wellness diet. Mindful activity and creativity are an essential part of my healthy-mind recipe.

My Guilty Pleasure

We all have one. I binge-watched most of the second season of Emily in Paris... I know

Take. Create. Manipulate. My cyclamen photoart

For all my art I'm on Instagram as yourartylife. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

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