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Hyperphantasia - Never Heard of it

1 - Feb 2022

I never thought of myself as a nerd. If the definition of nerdy is someone that is constantly searching for new and unusual stuff to learn about then perhaps I am.

Nothing wrong with being a nerd

Listen, it’s trendy to be a nerd these days. Being a nerd, in my eyes, is distinct from being a true intellectual. You can be both intellectual and a nerd but not all of us can possess both qualities.

I’m just a nerd. And proud of it. I like to find out about stuff. And when something grabs my attention I’ll research the shit out of it. Excuse my language. Although I’m sure shit isn’t regarded as a particularly offensive term in this day and age.

Back to the title of my blog today. I came across this article on my FB page. A friend posted an article that grabbed my attention.


I thought I’d leave you an invitation to do the same if you’d like. The full title of the article I’m providing the link to is ‘Hyperphantasia, Aphantasia & Our Multisensory Neurodiversity’.

Which are you?

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