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June Exhibition News

Incredible news

An unexpected opportunity means I shall be exhibiting in a gallery space next month. OK - it started as great with my art being included in an exhibition for Medway Rugby Club’s 90th anniversary. Then amazing, as I was accepted as a speaker for Kartscon (Kent Arts Conference) to incredible, when I secured my first solo exhibition. As that is coming first, this blog will feature that event.

Having less than 2 weeks to prepare for a first solo exhibition is exciting and a little daunting, but amazingly not stressful.

I’ve known stress and experienced the ill effects that took me to a very dark place in my life in January this year. For those of you that know me well, I am a fighter. I am back stronger than ever, thanks to my inner strength and lots of outside support and my passion for photography as a means of mindfulness and mental wellbeing.

Photography and sharing my images is what I do

Let me talk about what’s coming up in a few days. On Thursday 2nd June I shall be hanging my art in the gallery. Shouldn’t take more than a day should it? Not having done it before, I’m kinda hoping things will go as planned. Then open to the pubic on Friday 3rd. It’s the Jubilee weekend so many street parties and events happening, I’m not expecting much in the way of business.

Prosecco, Cake and Fine Art.

I am having a Prosecco and Cake event for friends and family the following week in the afternoon. The gallery will stay open to the public but they’ll be asked to make a purchase to have their drink and cake! Just an idea I came up with, let’s see if it works.

Being my own boss is liberating

I have all my Fine Art prints completed. I have frames. I have all materials to frame them. I have fixings purchased. I have a visual plan of where my art will sit on the walls (thanks to my little sis).

Details of the where and when

The Gallery

The Space

388 High Street




Hope to see you there x

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