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Just Resting - Sweet Helen

21 - Jan 2022

I attended a celebration yesterday. Helen had left her body. Sometimes in life you have the privilege of knowing a truly exceptional being. If you have encountered such a being you are indeed blessed, for it is rare.

Beyond Priceless

She was young. She was brave. She had been living with cancer for several years. Incredibly, she had defied the odds and continued to live when science suggested she should not. Perhaps because she had found the love of her life.

Caroline and Helen married during the pandemic. I didn’t go to the wedding for fear of passing the virus on to her already vulnerable body. Do I regret that now? I feel like I should. But I don’t.

Helen is the guiding light that tells me to have no regrets. To live life. To be kind. To be open. To be vulnerable. To be resilient. To sing. Dance. Laugh.

Arms wide Open

I will have an image of Helen as she swirls around the trees and skips across the meadows. She smiles down from the moon and if you are really still you can hear her laughter. She is there in the mist, a willow the wisp and she plays. Oh how she plays, with a daring cheekiness enticing you to smile even though you feel sad.

Thank you Caroline for sharing Helen. She will remain forever in our hearts.

Beautiful Helen. Sweet Helen.

A true joy to the world.

It’s strange but she still feels here even though she is not. That’s the nature of it I suppose. Death. Let’s not be afraid of using the word death. Death need not be an ending. Not something final. Not the closing of a door. I like to think of it as one chapter in a story that has no beginning and no end.

Death is not a dirty word

This strange and wonderful life is part of a cycle. Let’s live life as free as the wind. Not knowing where we are from or where we will go. One day we will wake up and discover that we are on a never ending journey.

The cycle of life …

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