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Just Sitting Here Waiting

26 - Jan

I’m waiting. Waiting for what? For a clear sky? For a clear head? For a change?

It’s another grey morning. My cats have the best life. One is laying on a fleecy blanket tucked beneath the radiator. The other is sat on the windowsill basking in the rIsing heat.

At dawn they meow for me to open the shutters so they can watch the world as the day breaks. They sit, still as statues, and watch the neighbourhood, only moving if a bird flies by or if a stray sound catches their attention. They have the best life.

Meanwhile, I sit propped up in bed contemplating the day. I know this time in the morning is not a measure of how my day will be. I have learned to be curious about my mood rather than judgmental. To observe how I feel, knowing that whatever negativity is there will not last.

I’m not a naturally joyful morning person. I have to work for it. Does that make sense? Are you the same? Do you find yourself having to talk yourself into a ‘better’ mood? You know it doesn’t always work. Sometimes you have to take ‘firmer’ action.

That reminds me. Yesterday, I made the decision to go out with my camera to seek some colour in the world. It worked. I found myself in my local high street just before the shops opened. I wandered slowly past the lighted windows and saw scenes of people preparing for the day. Setting out displays. Sweeping the floor. Chatting with each other whilst working. Or standing still in solitary contemplation. The shops were especially bright, smothered in a trendy copper golden light, glowing lights strung across ceilings like spiders webs.

Picturing it now makes me smile.

You can wait all day. You can wait all your life. For joy to come to you. Sometimes, just sometimes you need to go out and find it. Find your happy. That is my message for the day.

How to find your happy coming soon

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