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Just what I need

Mon - 21 Feb 2022

I feel immensely grateful to belong to different friendship groups. Some are very close friends. Some are more people I know that share the same interests. One thing they all have in common, is a welcoming supportive non-judgemental friendliness. Sounds good? It is.

Not accidental

We make choices in life. We choose who we surround ourselves with. We often learn this the hard way. That is the reality of living as a human being. Often we learn best through our mistakes. Life is one long learning journey. But there is a freedom to learning to let go.

Let go of toxicity

It isn’t always easy. Sometimes we can’t let go and instead choose to keep certain people or situations at a safe distance. Develop boundaries. Stick to your decision however tempted you may be to go back on your word. All I know is if I keep engaging in toxic relationships and environments, it makes me sick. Plain and simple.

Choose what supports you

I spent a day with my mindfulness group this Sunday. A small group of women who I attended a mindfulness living course with about 3 months ago met at St Benedictus Centre based in Malling Abbey for a (mainly) silent day of meditation with some reflection and a little space for general chit chat.


It was a wonderful time. We revisited a variety of mindful meditations. Ate a silent meal together (which I love to do) and during breaks wandered the beautiful grounds. With a storm approaching, it was particularly windy, and by the afternoon the rain had arrived. I got some stunning photos of the grounds.

Hope you like them

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