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Mid Winter Mid Life Blues

25 - Jan 2022

It’s 8 am. It’s light outside. Perhaps because I’ve just awoken and realised how late it is, perhaps because I slept more than usual, I feel a little disorientated. It seems strange to wake up in the daylight.

Snuggle and sleep

This is a familiar feeling though. To wake up and feel this way. Apathetic. In truth, all I want to do is lie back down and pull the duvet up to my ears, snuggle and sleep.

I think it’s just a touch of the winter blues. When the days are grey for days on end. I long for a way out of these dull grey doldrums.

Every day I read of severe winter weather heading our way. Snowstorms and ice. And every day I look out my window in hope. I can’t wait and the impatience is swirling inside me like an impending storm. It’s messing with my calm.

Nothing but grey

I contemplate going out with my camera later but am struggling to think what I could shoot. I have recently found an appreciation of urban landscapes, as in I’ve taken pictures of urban scenes. I could go into the streets I suppose. Even though I don’t feel like it at this very moment, I know it is one way of coping with these winter blues.

Get out and about

There, I have it planned. I have an idea. I know where I’m headed today.

What do you plan to do about your winter blues?

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