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No-one Understands! What NOT to say to a menopausal woman!

23- Dec 2021

A little extra content for you all because it’s the holidays.


It’s easy to assume that everyone knows all about the menopause. They don’t! Here are several responses I have had when I have mentioned my menopause hell.

‘I had a hot flush once, … I think , thank goodness it was all ok after that’

‘Menopause, what’s that all about?’

‘I’m sure you’ll be ok?’

‘Menopause is a natural normal thing.’

Thanks for all that! Really helpful comments.

To my utter shame I usually just smile and shrug my shoulders as if I’m exaggerating or as if I should be making light of it. Sometimes, depending who has just spoken to me, I will mutter something unladylike under my breath as I walk away. Other times I will rage and swear when I know they are out of sight and earshot.

People look at you oddly, or worse make a comment, when you are wearing a t-shirt In the middle of winter, especially when you are outside.

They ask to close the windows because they are cold.

You begin to make excuses at work when you cannot think straight. You laugh it off and say you’ve got a ‘scrambled egg‘ brain, or whatever ‘pet’ name you have for your brain fog, when the truth is you feel like an idiot. A purple-faced, sweat dripping down your neck, fool.

Well, this time next year …

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