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Raindrops on leaves

Tues - 15 March 2022

From spring being just around the corner, it feels like it has finally arrived. In the true spirit of my new arty life, I can please myself. I was writing a blog every day then I decided not to. It’s ok.

Do what you feel is right

I feel most alive when I follow my instincts. When I listen to myself. Slow down. Do less. Take time out. Rest. This has been my mantra for the past few months. And particularly in the last few days when I have been a little obsessed (understatement) with my photography.


I think all artists are drawn to this in some way or another. The constantly changing light. Big skies with turbulent clouds. Waves and sand ripples on a shore. The wind in tall grasses. Early morning frosts and dew, winter mists and ice.

Blink and you miss it

For me, the drive to capture the impermanent and make it permanent is overwhelmingly strong. Those drops of water that are clinging to the leaves on the tulips in my garden surprise and fascinate me every year. Not so much the fact that they sparkle like jewels in the sun but the fact that they are only there for such a short time and can so easily go unnoticed.

All for free

All the beauty of the natural world surrounds us every day. How often do we take the time to stop and drink it in? I love sharing my images. If they bring some momentary pleasure and a little relief from all the ugliness in the world then that’s a good thing right?

Since quitting my job and deciding to do this full time I am now selling my art. I will always keep posting it on social media and that is free to look at. If people want to buy it then that’s flattering.

I’m starting my online shop with redbubble simply because it is quick and easy. The merchandise is a bit of fun from baseball caps to tote bags and phone case through to canvas art and beautiful framed prints.

I’m not going to stop there. It is just the beginning.

‘Fresh clean green guaranteed to make you feel good.’

You too can do it

If you have a phone you to can capture the wonders of our world. I took this with me phone and am in love with it. I encourage you to have a go.

As always have a wonderful week x

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