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Self-Care Sunday

Sunday is my one day of the week dedicated to self-care. ‘Lucky you‘, I hear you sigh. What can I say! My kids are grown. One has flown. The other ‘nests‘ up in the loft and is (mostly) self sufficient.

My time is my own :)

I keep to the old adage, ‘those that play together stay together’ (if you believe that you’ll believe anything) with some ‘togetherness’ activities to keep the hubbie half-believing that we still enjoy each others company.

We go on a walk once a week. I say walk. He straps on a backpack full of sand. Really. He’s stuffed a 20kg bag of sand and the weekly walk which started off as much needed ‘family therapy’, almost 6 years ago now, has turned into a training session for him and a mindfulness walk for me.


I wander part way down the hill with him and we part ways. He trudges off on his circular route. I will follow along the way for a little longer then turn and double back on myself and head back to the car.

Now is my time to ‘go into nature’, to become present with the sights and sounds that surround me. Every time my mind drifts into future planning or dwells in the past I bring it back. If I sound like I know what I’m doing, it‘s because I do. It’s one of those tips and tricks I told you about and I shall go into great detail in a future blog.

For now, picture me on a damp leaf-littered path, strolling slowly downhill. All is quiet, save for a solitary raven cawing overhead. Tree bark is dark; wet from overnight rain. The wind is gentle and not as cold as it has been. I didn’t bring my camera as I hadn‘t planned on taking pictures and then I came across this fallen tree. Thank goodness for my phone.

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