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Simple Pleasures

Wed - 16 Feb 2022

I think I need a day of simple pleasures. I made myself dizzy with too much arty stuff yesterday. Do you get carried away with pursuing your passions at times? I think we all do.

Hyper focused

Perhaps it’s human nature to gorge. We do it with food. TV. Social Media. We stuff ourselves until we are full or sick. And we regret it. We moan. And then we repeat.

There is a need for restraint and the first step is recognising when you have overdone it.

Do we fear we will lose what we have?

I think we do. It’s a deeply rooted part of the human condition. It’s something that children rarely experience. Hence all the nostalgia that surrounds childhood and being young.

It’s not all bad news

I think we can capture that feeling of freedom by slowing down, switching off, unplugging and enjoying the simple pleasures in life as often as we can. A walk in the rain. Sitting still and listening to the birds through an open window. Taking time to hold your cup of coffee and smell the aroma before each sip.

What will you do to slow down today?

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