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Spring Clean Your Life

Wed - 2 March 2022

I feel like I need to spring clean my life. I’m not a great cleaner - as in it’s not something I particularly enjoy - I do it when I feel it is necessary.

Decisions decisions

I vaguely remember one of my first blogs being about procrastination. In the past, I was terrible when it came to making decisions - I mean dreadful. Long story short - I’m over that now. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my moments, but it’s nowhere near the tortuous process that I would suffer daily over every little choice.

A change in focus

My intention for this blog was always to post my thoughts daily. I began this blog as a journal, primarily to help my mental health, but I felt strongly that I wanted to share my experience with the intention of it perhaps helping support others.

It has been, on the whole, an unplanned and at times bizzarly random ‘pic n mix’ approach to different topics, including menopause and HRT, fibromyalgia, how I meditate and more recently zooming in on my art.

Out with the old in with the new

If I’m totally honest, if I had a regular following I would feel the need to keep blogging daily. When readers have dwindled to one - my mum - the necessity of blogging my stream of thoughts every day has lost its appeal. Not that I was ever doing this to gain a huge following. Perhaps my lack of readers is a blessing in disguise. I won’t be letting anyone down. I can stop and it will be like slipping away in the middle of a crowded party - no-one will know I had gone and perhaps never even realised I was there.

It’s not farewell

The truth is I want to focus more on my art. It’s not that my words won’t appear online - they will just be in another form. I haven’t decided what to do with this site. To archive all this and start again. A re-design. or begin another site. There you go - I’m undecided at this moment. I’m not stressing about it though and that’s the important point.

Shop coming soon

My art has to be my focus and I’m keen to sell my work. In a way it’s another way of sharing what brings me joy and hoping it will make others happy. I have plenty and much to my amazement have sold my first 2 pieces. I feel like a bona fide artist! So, with a smile on my face and a lot of hard work ahead, I will say adieu. Who know when my next blog will be. I don’t want to promise anything as yet. I shall take at least a week off to concentrate on setting up shop and I’ll return with my news.

How will you spring clean your life?

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