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Still Life

Tue - 8 Jan 2022

Still life. It can mean so many things. You will read it and bring your own meaning, your own interpretation.

Strange fascinations

Yesterday I was drinking a cup of coffee and was fascinated by the foamy pattern left by the dregs in the cup. The small details of life capture my imagination.

As I had nothing better to do, I thought I may as well get my camera out (this happens all the time with me!) and try to make an interesting photo out of the ordinary. In other words, make the ordinary, less ordinary.

Capturing motion in a still life photograph

I took some photos and one thing led to another. I decided to do a coffee themed photo shoot that incorporated what I had been experimenting with over the last couple of days. Movement and light.

Brown sugar

It got a little messy when I decided I wanted to capture sugar falling into the coffee. Let’s just say the kitchen got a good hoovering after I had finished.

I think I need a studio space

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