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Take Manipulate Create - Secret Ingredient #1

3 - Jan 2022

Do you remember my top secret ingredient for living well? Creativity, that’s right.

It comes in many forms and today’s blog is all about my digital phoneart.

There was a crazy beautiful sunset where I live yesterday. I don’t see reason to venture out into my back garden during these winter months, but this was an occasion to.

What drew me was the slash of blue across a darkening orange sky. It seemed almost as if the evening sky had made a mistake. It was mesmerising.

I captured it as best I could and headed inside to indulge in some creative play.

My intuitive photoart often involves 2 or 3 stages. These ‘sunset in garden’ photos followed a 3 step process that I shall call,

Take Manipulate Create

step 1 - take

step 2 - manipulate

step 3 - create

It’s a bit like 3 for the price of 1! Each image is the same but different. I quite like the step 3 abstract sunset in this series. Let me know your thoughts.

You can check out all of the images on my Facebook and my Instagram page.

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