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The Art of Self - Portraiture

Sat - 5 Jan 2022

I take a lot of selfies. I took them before they were called ‘selfies’. Let’s say I indulge in self-portraiture.


Others may think that. Oh how I despise those feelings of self-doubt, self-consciousness, self-critisism that haunt me when I share pictures of myself.

How quickly we admonish ourselves.

If you have never glanced at your reflection, if you have never looked in the mirror and looked deeply into your own eyes, then I would class that as strange.

Not Narcissism

You don’t have to fall in love with your reflection to be a self-portrait artist. I would argue that the opposite is perhaps closer to the truth. I speak for myself in regards to that.

Private Eyes (are Watching You)

For me, capturing the reflection of my own image fulfils that part of me that is forever curious about who I am? How I see myself. Not how others see me.

My self in a photograph reveals to me what the inside of me is feeling. Not so much in the expression but what I can recognise in my eyes.

Self Expression

Self-portraiture is perhaps the ultimate in self-expression is it not? Here is a gallery of my work from last night.

What do you think?

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