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Throwback Thursday

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

16 - Dec 2021

Cast your mind back to lockdown No.1. I think it was early January 2020? The country ground to a halt. Emotions were running high. What in the world was going on? It was the beginning of the end of everything that was ‘normal’.

Take a look at my pics for a gallery on some street scenes taken in my local town. I remember walking along the roads and not seeing another soul. I think my favourite is this photo of poor lonely Pedro.

What we didn’t know then, was how different the ‘new normal’ would be.

Fast forward to the present day and some people are about to enter another year of working from home; back bedrooms and small spaces turned into home offices.

Friends of ours have been complaining that they see less of each other now, than when they both left the house each morning for work. Without that commute back home and meeting each other in the kitchen for a coffee and chat about their day - time boundaries blurred, and they often found themselves working ‘out of office’ hours. Some evenings and weekends were spent working, on separate floors of the house even. Many people, ironically, are putting in more hours at home. No wonder working from home has been proven to be more productive. I don’t know. Is that a good thing?

As for myself? I didn’t get a choice. After the mandatory ‘full’ lockdown, essential workers returned to the workplace. My husband had, I think, just 3 weeks at home and then it was business as usual. I worked from home for quite some time, which was challenging. I’ll reveal what I did in a future blog and how the cats ‘helped out’.

Did I mention that my cats are ‘Covid’ cats? By that, I mean they came to live with us during the early months of 2020. I would like to say the purchase was a moment of lockdown madness but that’s not quite true. What is true is, that if it weren’t for Covid, we most likely would not have them.

There is a funny story attached to their purchase. I didn’t actually consult or discuss it with my husband. I kept it as a surprise. Oh, and I originally only bought one kitten.

I sometimes refer to them as our ‘holiday’ cats, as they cost the same as what we would have spent on a holiday, you know I’m the days before the terminology ‘red route’ had entered the lexicon.

I do plan to blog more about lockdown because I was at the start of my 300 poems project and it was quite interesting to capture life as it developed during those strange times.

More on a later post.

Jules x

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