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Water Meditation

Mon -28 Feb 2022

It feels good to sit by water - from large expanses of open water to a babbling brook or even a small garden water feature.

There’s something about water. Perhaps it’s the way the light glitters on the surface or maybe it’s the sound of waves gently lapping the shore.

Water stills the senses

If you sit still and anchor your attention on the water it can help to calm your soul. That’s my experience. And that’s how I spent my Sunday morning.

I’m lucky to live a short drive away from a beautiful lake and on Sunday the sun shone bright. You still need a coat at this time of year and woolly hat to keep warm enough to sit still outdoors for half an hour or so.

This was my view as my Hubbie did his regular weekend swim. I will join him when the water temperature reaches a balmy 10 degrees. For the time being it’s a little cold for my liking!

I’m still amazed at how incredible the iphone 13 is and as you can see I couldn’t resist creamy=ting some digital ‘water’ art!

Where is the nearest water to you?

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