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Watercolour Skies and dreaming

29 - Jan 2022

I usually wake before dawn. I’ve spent the early part of my life as a night owl and now, more through circumstance than choice, I seem to have been transformed into a morning person.

Now I have cats, they hear me stir and appear beneath the window, pacing and meowing, telling me to get up and open the shutters.

I’ve never been a fan of net curtains and for many years had venetian blinds at the windows. At our previous house we had wooden shutters in the front bay windows. I loved the way the light plays on the walls through shutters and when we moved to where we live now it was my dream one day to have the same here.

I set a goal to achieve that by the time I turned 50. They are not cheap. They are not necessary. But I was determined. I did it. I love my shutters. They bring me joy every single day.

With the shutters flung open I can sit in bed and look at the sky. Today is one of those glorious mornings. A break from a week of grey. The sky is full of colour. Full of shades of blue, from the palest blue, through wedgewood blue to an inky indigo. The sun is spreading pink kisses across the clouds as they rush across the sky as if in a hurry to get somewhere.

It makes me want to rush out into nature. This is when living in town hurts the most. But I am lucky to live a short drive from some beautiful places. I have a beautiful home and am always grateful for that. My heart is in the country. That’s another goal of mine. To move to the countryside. It seems an unachievable dream. You never know …

What’s your ‘unachievable’ dream?

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