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Weird (but true) Wednesday

I don’t have any friends that have NEVER read their horoscope. I have a very few friends that have had their palm read/ had a psychic reading / consulted tarot cards. Take it all with a pinch of salt or think there’s some truth in it; I’m not one to tell you what to believe or what to put your faith in.

Well, you know how something pops up on your phone and you get lead down that rabbit hole…

Yes, it’s the Meta algorithm I hear you say. Maybe it is.

I followed the white rabbit today, and it lead me to this card. And, genuinely, this is not something I do regularly. Infact, this is my first time and I’m sure not a patch on having a reading in person.

I found prophetic. Take a look.



You see what I mean by weird? That I should come across these words as I venture on my new creative life. Have you had a similar experience lately? I’d love to hear all about it.

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