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Not Had a Bath in Years!

9 - Jan 2020

I am obsessed with my new bathroom. I’d like to think it’s a healthy obsession. Keeping clean. I’ve even been known to have two baths a day. Is that a bad thing? I think I’m making up for not having had a bath for 9 years!

We‘d replaced our battered old bathtub for a snazzy walk in shower big enough for two, when we had a loft conversion, about a decade ago. It seemed like the height of luxury at the time - until that is - it leaked. And leaked.

An upstairs shower can be a nightmare

It leaked on and off for years. The shower tray cracked (how?) and cost an arm and a leg to replace. The rather inadequate extractor fan left the room in a permanent mist. And trying to keep the shower screen limescale free. Forget it.

It didn’t take long before I wished I had my old bathroom back. Trouble was, being the only woman in a house full of men, I was fighting against their preference for the convenience of being able to have a quick, in and out, shower.

This practical need dictated the long term plan, which was to convert the downstairs utility area into a shower room, and once that was done, tackle upstairs.

A Pandemic positive

Fast forward to today. More than 2 years of not going on holiday, meant savings could be diverted into getting both building projects done consecutively. Downstairs shower. Done. Bathroom. Done.

Did I mention I am obsessed with my new bathroom? Designed, with every item sourced on the internet and bought at a bargain price, by me. It was challenging but worth it. I can honestly say, I appreciate it every day.

I love my bathroom 💚

Boys are banned. That’s just the way it is.

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