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What is the purpose of art?

New Years Day 1 - Jan 2022

It‘s no coincidence that my site is all about an ‘arty life’. My arty life. Your arty life. We are all artists, we can all think creatively. Some of us express it often; others need a helping hand.

The internet is a weird and wonderful creature. You can watch artists at work, you can be inspired, you can learn new techniques and experiment with your own.

No limits. No boundaries. Just Art.

Today I’m sharing my completed New Year collage. It was created intuitively. I had a self-portrait and a concept of an emotion I was dealing with at a particular point this year.

As with all art, the process of making it can reveal much and help your mind process the concept, in particular. Although, sometimes you begin with one intention and something else comes up. I believe this redirecting of attention is your subconscious steering you down another path. When that happens I don’t fight it.

I’ll leave it here for today. Hope you enjoy watching.

Happy New Year everyone. jules

To make people free is the aim of art

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