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The Meaning of Dreams - What Last Night’s Dream Taught Me.

Dec 2021

I’ve had vivid dreams all my life. As a child, I would often recount my dreams over breakfast. I’ve no idea how my family took it. I know I would excitedly tell every minutiae from beginning to end. Were they interested? Were they bored?

When I was growing up, it didn’t occur to me to that no-one would be in the slightest interested in what I was describing. I never wanted to be able to explain my dreams. Perhaps by reliving every detail, my mind would subconsciously answer questions not asked.

As I grew older, I did what all of us do at some point in our lives (I’m assuming everyone has done this!) I would read about the meaning of dreams.

First, in books and magazines (yes, unbelievably I grew up in a time sans internet and mobile phones).

As an adult I would, not very often, consult the google god of infinite wisdom and knowledge!

Now I am in my mid-life and have had several years of working with my mind (I’m so excited to give details of that soon) I recognise what my dreams are telling me.

Sleep. It’s endlessly fascinating to me.

Why do we sleep? What happens in our sleep? What happens if we don’t get enough sleep?

Last night I dreamt I got out of bed and went outside. I was still in my pyjamas. I looked down and found I was walking on sand. When I looked up, I saw some figures pushing their way through a gap in the bushes. I followed.

I found myself on a narrow beach. Ahead of me was the sparkling sea. I walked toward it.

The sand beneath my feet was sugar-white and ever so soft. I walked into the sea and was immediately struck by how warm it was. After a few steps, I lay down and drifted away from the shore. The water was an incredible turquoise colour and as I floated gently I became aware that I was in a familiar place. I had been here before.

I was back in the Caribbean. It felt like home. It felt safe. I felt protected. The sea was holding me.

This is what my dream taught me.


I’m so grateful to have had the trip of a lifetime to Cuba with my family in the year 2000.

Many of us have not been able to get away for at least a couple of years. Yes, we may have had a staycation of sorts, but if you were planning or even had to cancel your dream holiday, to say you’ve been disappointed is probably an understatement.

Everyday life goes on without holidays. It does. Perhaps one lesson Covid can teach us is to be grateful for past experiences.

As we ready ourselves for the new year, perhaps we can allow ourselves some time to reminisce. Gather family together (or send a WhatsApp) and look at old holiday snaps and videos. Laugh (and allow yourselves to cry if needed, over lost loved ones).

Cherishing memories and celebrating past events is one way to bring you moments of joy. That’s my experience anyway.

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