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What memories are you grateful for?

24 - Dec 2021

It has been a horrendous couple of years. No-one can argue about that. Of course there have been many good moments but on the whole the pandemic has delivered wave after wave of human suffering and tragedy.

This time a couple of years ago, I was on holiday with Ranj and some friends. We visited New York. It was our first time in America. I admit I wasn’t looking forward to the crowds and busy streets (I’m a country girl at heart) but the city had a friendly vibe and an infectious buzz which was exhilarating. I instantly fell in love. It‘s very different to London and Paris that’s for sure.

I could recount all our experiences for you now but I won’t. Instead, I’ve uploaded images from the trip.

I shall reminisce a little longer and remember those carefree days before Covid. We all need a bit of escapism now and then.

Then I’m off to bed. By the time you read this it shall be Xmas eve. I’m taking a little break from posting any more content until the new year.

Have a great one. See you in 2022!

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