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Do you have a New Year tradition?

27 - Dec 2021

Every year since my journey to wellness I‘ve created a collage.

It is my artistic take on the past year. This year has been a year of trials and tribulations. A year when I’ve been shredded, literally and metaphorically.

The creative process helps me assimilate what I’ve been through so that I can move on with my life.

As always my art develops organically. It leads me.

I began this year’s collage earlier than usual. I want to allow a little longer than the single New Years day to complete this piece. It’s been a difficult year.

It’s not finished. I have no idea how it will look when it’s done. Ok I have a little idea but a lot could change. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected and not be disappointed if things go in a different direction to what I originally imagined.

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