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Who the hell is Harold?

5-Jan 2022

Overthinking. I can’t be alone in suffering from this. It usually strikes in the early hours of the morning or late at night. Hardly ever when I am occupied and busy or with others.

Overthinking is like a real presence. A person if you like. It waits until you are alone. It usually catches you unawares. It seems to take delight in interrupting your best laid plans. I think overthinking is the brother to indecisiveness. Indecisiveness is a girl by the way.

I’m going to give Him a name. Overthinking I am going to call ‘Harold’. Don’t ask me why. It just came to me. So now I have him named I can shout at him.

‘Go away Harold!’

Indecisiveness is female for me. Not that either of them have to have a gender. Gender assignment is something we’ve been trained in - that’s a whole other subject for another day. I shall wait for a name to come to me for her. And I instinctively feel I should be more gentle with indecisiveness.

With Harold I need to be firm. To make it clear to him. ‘Harold, I don’t need you right now, step away!’ And if that is not enough I shall take action. I need to get better at taking action more quickly when Harold appears.

Listen, it’s no good you feeling sorry for him. Just remember the last time you spent hours overthinking. Where did it get you? Harold will take me by the hand and lead me around in circles. Take me right back where I started, exhausted, having achieved nada.

That’s it for today‘s blog.

I did have a topic all lined up for this morning but at 5 a.m along came Harold…

Image by Prateeti

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